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This tool will allow you to have a full immersion into our facilities, located near Paris, France, wherever you are in the world! During this visit, you can explore our more than 50.000 sq. ft. (approx. 5,000m2) state-of-the-art building, see the 50.000 sq. ft. extension currently under construction, and learn more about our equipment and processes to accompany you every step of the way to develop your gene therapy products.

The virtual tour is composed of two visits: the first one for our pilot manufacturing laboratory and cGMP vector production suites, and the second one with our analytical development laboratories.

Access to the virtual tour

From the pilot manufacturing laboratory on floor 1 to one of our cGMP vector production suites on floor 2, find out more about our manufacturing capabilities for rLVV and rAAV vector production:

  • The pilot manufacturing laboratory, a non-cGMP-zone, is dedicated to feasibility studies, process development, and tech transfer for bioprocess development (USP and DSP) from small-scale process evaluations to process scale-ups;
  • The cGMP vector manufacturing suite shown is one of our four independent cGMP suites, which is equipped with two 200L single-use bioreactors and a validated, aseptic, and semi-automated fill and finish line. The other cGMP suites available in our facility offer the possibility to manufacture rAAV and rLVV either with adherent or suspension processes and a 1.000L bioreactor is currently being installed and qualified in one of the four cGMP suites. Contact us to learn more!

Because we know that analytics is a crucial point in viral vector production, at Yposkesi the analytical activities have two distinct aspects:

  • The Analytical Development Centre: centralizes all incoming methods, requests, or method assessments, assesses all analytical methods related to a project, manages analytical development, transfer & validation according to client needs, and ensures that methods used are fit for purpose and scientifically sound, supports all analytical method trouble-shooting and leads the analytical life cycle management;
  • The cGMP QC: maintains the environmental monitoring testing program for all the classified areas, controls all incoming raw materials up to release for cGMP manufacturing, performs in-process control and release assays on all manufactured products, and performs stability studies.

Do you need more information or do you have any questions about our facilities? Do not hesitate to contact us to book a guided tour with one of our representatives!

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