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Our Services

Yposkesi is a full-service CDMO, providing professional support through all stages of gene therapy development. We make available the entire viral vector manufacturing services necessary to enable you to rapidly and successfully develop ATMPs. You gain access to specialized expertise with integrated project management as well as streamlined and cost-efficient bioprocess development services:

Completing the Yposkesi Bio-Production Process

To complete our bioprocesses, Yposkesi has two cGMP Fill & Finish suites (BSL2 class C area) available; each one equipped with a Grade A containment isolator.

Filling operations are manual or semi-automated. Filling sessions have been validated at up to 300 vials per batch. Two options are available for cGMP compliant vials.

  • 1 mL Crystal© Closed Vial Technology (Cyclo-Olefin Co-polymer) from Aseptic Technologies®.
  • Glass vials (from 250 µL to 4.5 mL)

Vials are 100% tested for container closure integrity and visual inspection before primary labeling.


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