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Targeting Cost-Effective Large-Scale Manufacturing for rAAV Vectors

It’s in Yposkesi’s DNA to innovate and improve processes in order to bring your cell and gene therapies to life faster and more cost-effective. In order to achieve that, discover how we improved our AAV (Adeno-Associated Virus) vector manufacturing process by implementing the Allegro™ STR bioreactor system; maximizing operational usability, improved performance and yield!

The story was recently published as a poster presentation: Targeting Cost-Effective Large-Scale Manufacturing for r-AAV Vectors by Transient Transfection using Pall’s Allegro STR Bioreactor.

We evaluated Pall’s Allegro STR 50 bioreactor and compared it to other suppliers for its usability and performance by conducting a proof-of-concept study with a triple transient transfection rAAV process, using a proprietary transfection reagent, a high-productivity HEK293T cell line, and a custom medium. The process technology transfer was performed by keeping the power input per unit volume (P/V) and the superficial gas velocity (oxygen transfer rate) constant.

The study demonstrates:

  • The user-friendliness of Pall’s Allegro STR bioreactor for both biocontainer installation and software operations. The Allegro STR platform provides a compact, ergonomic, and intuitive turn-key bioreactor design concept to maximize usability and process assurance, while maintaining optimal performance.
  • How the rAAV process was successfully transferred to Pall’s Allegro STR 50 bioreactor platform, resulting in improved performance. By working closely with Pall’s scientists and services team, we optimized our processes and achieved a 2-fold increase in product yield.

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Created by Yerokhoff Kostyiantine